All About Evie

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I started working in a salon when I was in High school, I loved learning everything there was to know about hair. I wanted to learn and work hard, as hairdressing was and still is my passion. I was born  and raised just out of Geelong on the family property.

I’m highly motivated when I set my mind to something I want to achieve,  I’m still excited every day  to be a part of the hairdressing industry.

When my father became very unwell I decided to work for myself only 1-2 days a week so I could look after him and Hair by Evie was born. He gave me the strength and supported me in going out on my own. It was actually really scary & nerve wracking, while exciting. Sadly my father lost his battle to cancer in 2018. I hear him saying to me, “You can do it, you can do anything”.

I wanted to be the stylist that made hair fun, approachable and easy. I couldn’t be happier with choosing the Oway Organics colour range and product line to carry for better health and a sustainable environment. When you join me in the salon, you'll find that the way I consult about colour, choosing your cut and finish your style is completely different than anything you have ever experienced before. Working with this colour line you will be amazed at how your hair feels after making the switch. By only using the best organic quality hair products, trust me you will absolute fall in love with your hair which will have a stunning natural glow about it.

I work out of an amazing salon Blushbar, which has opened the doors to many opportunities. I also work for Blushbar on the weekends styling glam Queens up for all their events. If I’m not in salon, I’ll be out on location Glamming up Bridal Tribes which I absolutely love. Being a part of someone's Wedding day is such an honour and an absolute pleasure being a Bridal Specialist.

On my days off, you can find me around our property gardening or taking an on line course.

 I also love to snuggle up to watch Netflix with a big cup of Tea and my puppy.

If you have any gardening tips or are watching something amazing let me know at your next appointment - I would love to hear them.